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Alexandra Kosteniuk won the Chess Tigers inaugural Women's Chess960 Championship in Mainz Germany in August 2006. She will defend place at the top in Mainz again in August 2007. This represents another tangible step in the growth of chess960.

Alexandra's participation in the Chess Tigers events one way she is helping to create a place for chess960 in the international chess arena. She is going above and beyond by her creation of a chess960 web site.

Here is a link to Kosteniuk's chess960 web site.

Alexandra Kosteniuk's Chess960 Site

Here is a link to a free training course, delivered by email to over 8300 faithful members.
The site is the brainchild of Chad Kimball.

ChessVictory Training Site

This is a link to an introductory chess960 article I wrote for the Chess Tigers website, which appeared in June 2006 (in English). The article tries to set the proper perspective about chess960, one that emphasizes the positive reasons to invite chess960 into the chess brotherhood. It de-emphasizes the common talk about how chess960 can "fix broken chess".

The article first appeared on the ChessTigers.de home page, from which it will eventually be scrolled off. The permanent link is given here.

Gene M. chess960 article, on Chess Tigers website

On ChessCafe.com, Bruce Pandolfini has a monthly column "The Q & A Way". In May 2006 Bruce asked his readership "Could Bobby Fischer still help the game of chess?". Bruce chose my answer for his June 2006 column.

Gene M. answered Bruce Pandolfini on Chess Cafe website

After Topalov won the 2005 FIDE Championship tournament at San Luis, I noticed a few people on the web saying that Topalov was now the World Chess Champion instead of Kramnik. Susan Polgar voiced this position on ChessCafe.

I decided to carefully study the logic of these arguments favoring Topalov. I felt the need to write this article when I could find no logic in these arguments. These bogus urgings that Kramnik be stripped of his title are only one dark aspect of the title match between these two great players.

The article first appeared on the home page of Chessville.com, in June 2006.

The dark side of the 2006/09 V.Kramnik - V.Topalov title match

Here is a club of players who use email to play chess960 in correspondence mode.

FRC Email Club

Here is a website that collects PGN files for chess960 games. This database is not restricted to games played by grandmasters.

Chess-960.Org , Links

Here is a website by Reinhard Scharnagl, who is well known in chess960 circles. SMIRF is his artificial intelligence chess engine, which is enabled for chess960, and for various variants of chess.

Chess Program SMIRF

Here is the well known website of the Chess Tigers, based in Mainz Germany. Every August a major chess960 tournament and championship match is held, well attended by many grandmasters, including many of the elite top 10 and 25 grandmasters.

.PGN files of chess960 games are available for download.

Much of this site in in German, though some is in English.

Chess Tigers

ChessVictory Free Chess Lessons

FRC Email Club

Chess-960.Org , Links

Chess Program SMIRF

Chess Tigers, in Mainz Germany

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