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I have seen several owners of the Chronos brand digital chess clock walking the aisles asking "Do you know how to set my clock?". That is proof the clock should be re-designed.

The core flaw in the Chronos design is that is offers way too many timer modes. Unless the owner has memorized which 3 of the 70 timer modes are pertinent to his tournament chess play, he cannot quickly set the clock.

After not playing chess for a couple of months, I was embarrassed to find I was unable to set my Chronos. We used a mechanical clock instead. I vowed that would never happen to me again, so I wrote this document.

I recommend that (chess playing) Chronos owners apply a sticky note to their Chronos clock that says
"CH-P1A , DL-C1A , DL-SD1."
"Turn ON with Both or Neither.".

This little document serves as a quick reminder of how to set your Chronos chess clock.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[] Turn Off the clock -- While holding the center button, tap one of the player buttons 5 times.

[] Turn On the clock -- (1) Usually press the center button, while holding neither player button. This enables you to reach user-defined timer modes numbered 1-4. Of course, this is useless until you have created some user modes. (2) When in doubt, hold both player buttons, then press the center button. This gives you access to all timer modes.

[] The Most Helpful Timer Modes, Before Fine-Tuning:

** CH-P1A ("CH-PlA") : 40/120 , 20/60 repeating

** DL-C1A ("dl-ClA") : 40/120 , SD/60 + 5 sec delay

** DL-SD1 ("dl-Sdl") : G/30 + 5 sec delay (Blitz is Game/5 + 0 sec) (Caution: this 'S' looks like a '5' in the display.)

[] Press center button to step thru the timer modes (long-press to step backward), then...
[] Tap the player key to choose one mode.

[] Long-press the center button to enter the fine-tuning state of your already chosen timer mode (and later again to leave this state).
[] Tap the player buttons to change the currently flashing value.
[] Press the center button to move the flashing to the next fine-tuneable item.
[] Long-press the center button to leave the fine-tuning state.

[] Live chess play timing begins when a player key is tapped.
[] Press center button if need to pause.
[] Press center button 4 times to reset to full time for a new game (in some modes 1 center press will reset).

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