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This link provides a very simple executable program named ClpCovId960.exe.

This program performs cross-referencing between chess960 setup id numbers from a variety of known systems. These systems include F9# used by Fritz9, S# adopted by Arena and some other chess playing programs, and our recommended R# "reciprocal" system.

This program also translates between a simple letter representation of a chess960 setup (like "RNBK-QBRN") and its corresponding id numbers.

This program was coded in C#, and it was compiled for Microsoft .NET 1.0.3705.

Here is its sample usage and output, for two separate runs:

>> ClpCovId960.exe /ps rnbq-kbnr

RNBQ-KBNR , R#362 , S#518 , F9#359

>> ClpCovId960.exe /R# 362

RNBQ-KBNR , R#362 , S#518 , F9#359




Create a directory named C:\CastleLong\.

Normal leftClick on the download link of your choice.
When the dialog box appears, choose the Save option. Then navigate to save it into the C:\CastleLong\ directory.

In Explorer.exe, doubleClick the .ZIP file, and use menu File | ExtractAll, which unzips.

Navigate to the subdirectory created by the unzipping, such as C:\CastleLong\ClpCovId960\, and ensure to can see the .exe file (and perhaps other files too).

Open a console window (cmd.exe, or on very old Windows command.com), and change directory (chdir) to that subdirectory.

In the cmd.exe window, type the name of the executable program, then press the Enter key.
For example, "ClpCovId960.exe", press Enter.
Follow the usage instructions that get written to the cmd.exe window.

No matter how you run the .exe obtained from CLP, you cannot make it do any harm to your computer. At most, the .exe might write a small file next to itself in its subdirectory.

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Updated: 2014-07-26