CLP Download Safety Promise

(CLP assumes you are using a Windows operating system.)


All downloads from Castle Long Publications are always entirely safe for your computer. Always enirely 100% safe.

Some downloads from other websites may do semi-harmless things like gather information about your preferences or actions, and may send that information back to the download source for aggregate analysis.
CLP downloads would never do anything like that, because that would be considered slightly less that entirely safe.


All downloads from Castle Long are always easy to entirely remove. Always very easy to entirely remove.

For instance, CLP software never writes anything to the Registry on your Windows operating system.
There is usually nothing wrong when other software writes to your Registry, but doing so can lead to a small harmless build up of obsolete records in your Registry. At CLP, we do not even want to risk that minor nuisance to you.
Similarly, CLP never adds any shortcuts to your desktop. You see that our pattern is utterly minimal invasion.

To later fully delete any CLP download, you simply use your standard Explorer.exe file manager to delete your C:\CastleLong\ directory. Done.